Mark van Veenendaal
Mark van VeenendaalConsultant | Project Manager
Civil Engineer who is specialised in Transport and Installation and hands-on experience in several stages of onshore and offshore wind projects.

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Call: +31 6 4208 9141

Mark van Veenendaal

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Mark van Veenendaal is Consultant and Project Manager at BLIX Consultancy. He is a Civil Engineer with a master’s degree in Offshore Engineering from the Delft University of Technology. His hands-on approach and multidisciplinary focus has seen him work both as a Field Engineer and as a commercial asset within a large offshore contracting firm. BLIX offers him the opportunity to be an integral part of the energy transition as well as the ability to work on all phases of the project realisation in his role as Consultant and Project Manager.

Mark is known for his pragmatic and result driven approach, his honest and direct manner of communication and his desire to understand the physical world around him. Mark has the ability to explain complicated theory in digestible pieces of information throughout all levels of an organisation.

“Working on the forefront of the energy transition within a team of highly driven engineering professionals drives me to excel and motivates me to progress towards a better and more sustainable future.”