Harry Post
Harry PostSenior Consultant | Project Manager Wind and Solar
Onshore and Offshore Project Manager and Senior Construction Manager, with more than twenty years of experience in civil and marine construction.

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Harry Post

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Harry Post works as Senior Consultant and Project Manager Wind and Solar at BLIX Consultancy. He has over twenty years of experience in civil and marine construction and has gained key skills and experience with major construction projects worldwide. Harry worked in both onshore and offshore projects in the oil and gas- and mining industry and worked extensively in large commercial port developments abroad. At BLIX, Harry is responsible for the construction management of a large solar farm and multiple onshore wind farms. He is also part of the design and contract team of civil and electrical works for wind & solar farms.

Because of his experience, Harry is very capable of managing complex contracting and construction projects. He is calm, analytical, works precisely and is decisive where needed.

“Having worked as an expat engineer for many years, I’m motivated to work in the Netherlands in the renewable energy industry. At BLIX, I have the opportunity to apply my years of construction experience on the various solar and onshore & offshore wind projects at hand.”