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Our experience in all phases of project development.

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H-BLIX has experience with numerous onshore and offshore wind energy projects, during each phase of project execution. We feel at home in boardrooms as well as on boats and in construction areas, and have excellent knowledge of the local market.

A quick impression of our experience:

Horizons assisted the an offshore wind farm investor in the execution of market analysis and preparation of seabed permit applications:

Horizons assisted an undisclosed offshore wind farm investor in the execution of market analysis and preparation of seabed permit applications:

Offshore site selection
Horizons, together with its partners, conducted a multi-level assessment of available sites for offshore wind energy, taking into account economic factors (LCoE), Maritime Spatial Plan, environmental aspects and other considerations, specific to the area.

Preparation of permit applications for the erection and use of artificial islands, structures and devices
Preparation of a number of applications, including technical, environmental, economic and social aspects and schedule aspects.

Analysis of the Polish local supply chain for offshore wind energy services
Estimation of the achievable contribution of the local supply chain to the offshore wind farm projects and its impact on the Polish economy (GDP, employment)

Initial risk assessment of Baltex 2

For Dayou & China Power BLIX performed an initial risk assessment of Baltex 2,a 560 MW Polish offshore wind development.

Subsequently BLIX supported the negotiations with Polish developer Baltex with the aim to acquire the project. The aim of Dayou Power was to develop the project to Financial Close and have it EPC designed, built and operated by China Power and possibly transferred to an investor thereafter. In the end Dayou decided not to acquire the project.

Export markets assessment for the Dutch offshore wind industry

We conducted a market study on offshore wind energy in the Baltics: ‘Export markets assessment for the Dutch offshore wind industry: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania’.

For each of the three Baltic States countries, BLIX assessed the policy and regulatory environment, the offshore grid infrastructure plan, maritime spatial plan, the offshore wind value and supply chain, and current development activities. The purpose of the study is to inform Dutch companies who are active in the offshore wind energy business and who seek opportunities in the Baltic States.

Link to the report

Eolien offshore: analyse des potentiels industriels et économiques en France

Together with I Care & Consult, based in Paris, our experts carried out a market study into the global developments in offshore wind, which was commissioned by ADEME.

Based on various studies and interviews with market parties, we provided a detailed analysis of the French and international supply chain, growth expectations and opportunities in the different markets for French companies.

Link to the repport

Levelised Cost of Energy reduction: Selection of optimal wind farm sites

IJmuiden Ver, Hollandse Kust, Ten Noorden van de Wadden (total >6 GW)

Detailed LCoE study verifying several variants based on:

  • Turbine yield and wake losses
  • Wind farm design including inter-array cabling
  • Obstacles (shipping lanes, pipelines, helicopter routes, defence area, fishing maintenance zones, etc)


  • Enable subsidy free tender due to optimal site conditions 169 €/MWh -> 87 €/MWh
  • Lower risk for developers
Link to the repport

Financial model of integrated system combining wind and hydrogen

BLIX created the first financial model for the NSWPH, based on business case analysis and scenario studies.

The financial model included extensive LCoE modelling of (future) offshore wind farms, interconnectors and the hub itself. It was developed in close cooperation with the financial specialists of TenneT, Energinet from Denmark, Port of Rotterdam and Gasunie.

Next to modelling electricity flows, the modelling of hydrogen production and sales was instrumental. The model can be expanded with hydrogen networks as well.

Site and Soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust, IJmuiden Ver

BLIX managed the site and soil investigations for offshore wind farm locations Borssele, Hollandse Kust, IJmuiden Ver for the coast of the Netherlands, totalling over 7.5 GW.

Management included:

  • Contract and manage full site investigations.
  • Creating extensive information package for the developer on the water, soil, wind and wave conditions.


  • ‘State-of-the-art’ DNV-GL approved tender and data package that allowed for subsidy free and low LCoE bids.
  • 99.9% LiDAR data availability
  • International recognition for innovative tendering process
  • Significant lower risk for developers
  • Reduction of time to first power generated

Development of an offshore wind development course

H-BLIX developed a course on offshore wind farm development in cooperation with DOB-Academy.

The course was tailor-made course for the Asian market with lectures and interactive cases, and can also be made for other regions worldwide.

The financial impact of choices made by the participants is immediately visible in the business case of the fictitious wind farm.


  • Trained Japanese local professors
  • 2-day course tailored for Asian market

Hai Long II & III

Tender phase
BLIX fulfilled several roles in the bid team of NPI, including key positions in planning, risk, interface, pricing of major balance of plant components, and project integration support for the 1.044 MW offshore wind farm Hai Long. This contributed to NPI winning the tender.

Project development phase
BLIX performs the management and contracting of the BOP package, including the foundations, infield and export cables and the offshore and onshore substation.

BLIX also supported with management, expert review and contracting of the site investigation campaigns.

Finally, BLIX provides to the project a risk and interface manager.